Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is quite a fast way (while still in sketch phase of a project) to create the impression of trusses, specifically for elevation type views.Create a new baluster family as a solid extrusion at the desired angle. (I generally create these specific to a project, roof pitch etc, so no fancy parameters here.) Load this into your project, edit and create a new railing.I generally exclude centre, start and end baluster 'trusses' and just use a standard fill with set centres.The nice thing about this, is that you can draw a few lines and represent the "trusses". Posted by Picasa

New Additions to Revit

New Additions to the Metric library in release 9 were most welcome.
Found in the standard metric library under system family files.
Select GBRENU_Repeating details (Metric Version) Posted by Picasa


So this is me, I have been using Revit for a while now and feel that it is time to contribute back to the Revit Community by sharing things that I find useful, which may be of use to others.

I will hopefully be updating this blog as often as possible
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