Sunday, December 3, 2006

Import PCP files from Revit to ACAD

Revit has a fantastic custom plot style table, where if you have a regular client or consultant who works in a Cad type environment, you could export to their specific line weight styles. However when exporting to dwg type files, you will notice that you have a pcp file attached. If this is a "one off" client /consultant, you could send them this pcp file, so they could set up a ctb file from your pcp file.

  • Step one

Go to your print set up, select the plot style table options bar.

Select “new”.

  • Select the option “use pcp or pc2 file”

  • Step 2
Locate the pcp file (found at the same location as your dwg export)
Select the corresponding file.

  • Step 3
Name this new ctb file.

Go to your plot style table editor just to double
check that the colors correspond with your Revit file.

Now you could even choose to send the consultant/client the ctb file, depending on the mood you are in.